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An Activity Book for Young Violinists
Learn How to Read Music In a Fun Way!
Encourage learning basic violin theory for the violin beginning with pitches. Through dragons, fantasy and fun your child will learn to read and play pitches.
About Our Book
Help your young violinist enhance his or her music reading skills with our activity book that encourages children to learn to read music.
The Author
Nancy Holland has more than 35 years of performance and teaching experience to back her fresh approach to violin theory. Contact her today at if you have questions.
Great Composer Bobbleheads
Holland Arts and Studio in Longmont, Colorado, offers expertly custom-crafted bobble heads of the greatest composers of all time. A considerable amount of research time and design development is put into each of our busts. Fashions, colors and styles of the day were carefully analyzed and care was taken to ensure that hair styles, whether natural or wigs, were appropriate for the truest likeness of each composer. From several detailed drawings reflecting all sides of the composer, a sculptor creates the prototypes. These are carefully reviewed and approved by our artistic staff before being released for production. Each Great Composer Bobblehead is then hand painted, checked for quality before being packaged for you.